Tuesday, 12 November 2013

John Rylands Medieval Research Seminars, Semester 1, 2013-2014

All seminars start at 5.30pm and are held in the John Rylands Library, Deansgate

Thursday September 26: Stephen J. Milner (Serena Professor of Italian, Manchester), ‘The renaissance of medieval classicism in Italy: from manuscript to book’. *NB This seminar is in Samuel Alexander S 2.8

Thursday October 24: Cordelia Warr (Art History and Visual Studies, Manchester), 'The devil on my tail: Clothing and medieval visual culture in the Camposanto Last Judgement, Pisa'. Christie Seminar Room.

Thursday November 7: Katy Dutton (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, History), 'Aspects of political culture in twelfth-century Anjou'. Christie Seminar Room.

Thursday November 21: David Matthews (English, American Studies, and Creative Writing), 'Dark and unlearned times: literature, print, and periodization between medieval and renaissance'. Bible Room.

Thursday December 5: Helen Fulton (Professor of Medieval Literature, University of York), 'City and Power: The Middle English Seege or Batayle of Troy'. Christie Seminar Room.

Supported by the John Rylands Research Institute.

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