Sunday, 7 October 2012

University of Manchester History Seminars

1st Semester 2012-13
All Welcome

Research Seminars:
Alternate Thursdays, 4 for 4.15pm
Room 4.206, University Place
(Followed by drinks with the speaker)

4th October: Everyday Life and the Scales of History
Frank Trentmann, Manchester & Birkbeck

18th October: From Cordoba to Prague: Ruler, Cities and the Power of Place in the Middle Ages
David Rollason, York

8th November: History, Memory and the English Reformation
Alexandra Walsham, Cambridge

22nd November: E.P. Thompson: War Experiences, Activism and Social History
Holger Nehring, Sheffield

6th December: The Cult of Queen Victoria in India
Miles Taylor, IHR

Lunchtime Seminars:
1-2pm, Room S3.1, Samuel Alexander
(Feel free to bring your lunch)

26th September: The political redefinition of tobacco smoking after Liberation (1949)
Yangwen Zheng

10th October: Imposter! Fraud and authenticity in the charitable market, c. 1870-1912’
Julie-Marie Strange and Bertrand Taithe

24th October: Famine and Society in Warlord China, 1920-21
Pierre Fuller

14th November: The End of the Celtic Latin Charter Tradition Revisited?
Charles Insley

28th November: The Monetary Origins of Luther's Reformation
Philipp Rössner

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