Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dress and Textile Discussion Group 2012-3 Programme

Some information from Alex Makin, co-ordinator of the Dress and Textile Discussion Group...

Programme for 2012-13

Where: Room A18, The Samuel Alexander Building, The University of Manchester

Time: 5pm

Thursday 18th October 2012: Professor Gale Owen-Crocker
Embroidered in Gold with Stars: the inventories of St Paul's Cathedral

Thursday 15th November 2012: Dr. John Peter Wild
Roman Textiles

Thursday 31st January 2013: Ruth Gilbert
Process and product: experimental archaeology, replicas and fakes

Thursday 7th March 2013: Jackie Tomlinson
15th Century Stitch 'n' Bitch: the northern French 'Distaff Gospels'

Thursday 2nd May 2013: Dr. Frank Rhodes
Structural Descriptions of Medieval Conventional Flowers, and the Winchcombe Pomegranate

Thursday 30th May 2013: Christina Petty
Tablet Weaving: evidence, tools, textiles, and use

I am always looking for people who would be interested in talking to the group. If you think you might like to talk to the group then please e-mail me with your idea. At present the focus of the group is dress and textiles from c. 450-1450. However, I am willing to discuss ideas outside of this time-frame as they may help to contextualise dress and textiles of the medieval period.

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