Sunday, 18 October 2015

Willem de Blécourt: Werewolves in Medieval Europe

Willem de Blécourt: Werewolves in Medieval Europe

29 October 2015
Room A112, Samuel Alexander Building, University of Manchester
All welcome - free (Manchester Medieval Society members), £5 (waged), £2 (unwaged/student)

Willem de Blécourt is a historical anthropologist and an independent scholar, as well as Honorary Research Fellow at the Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is the editor of Werewolf Histories, which was published by Palgrave Macmillan this month. Apart from werewolves, his main areas of interest are the history of witchcraft in Europe from the late Middle Ages up to the twentieth century, and the history of fairy tales during the same period. Other recent publications include Tales of Magic, Tales in Print: On the Genealogy of Fairy Tales and the Brothers Grimm (2012) and two edited volumes (with Owen Davies) about witchcraft after the witch trials, Beyond the Witch Trials and Witchcraft Continued (2004).

For more information, please contact Dr Hannah Priest.

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