Friday, 8 June 2012

Dress and Textiles Discussion Group

An update from Alexandra Makin (University of Manchester)

The next meeting of the Dress and Textiles Discussion Group will be held on Thursday 14th June, at 5pm, in Samuel Alexander Building A18 (University of Manchester, Oxford Road):
Early Medieval Techniques for Dyeing Fibres, Threads and Materials
Ian and Hazel Uzzell

 A hands on session where the tactile among us will be able to 'dive in' and get our hands on threads and materials.

Call for Papers 2012-13

This will be our last meeting for this academic year. I am now starting to put together the programme for next year. If you would like to speak about a research idea you have bubbling away in the back of your mind or something you are already investigating then please contact me.

It is a very informal and welcoming group with a wide range of interests. If you are unsure whether your research fits into the group's brief or if you are worried about speaking in front of people then please contact me and we can discuss any worries.

The group's focus is dress and textiles during the medieval period (c. AD 450-1600); however, I would be more than willing to discuss ideas outside of this date range. Technological advances, design development, working practices to suggest but a few areas, place the period in context.

For more information about the Dress and Textiles Discussion Group, please contact Alexandra Makin.

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